Experiencing a comfortable driving experience is not possible without having the right air conditioning system in your car, either if it is one of those hot summer days or one of those freezing early mornings that you are going to work. Either way, you need your car’s air conditioning system to work correctly and provide you a comfortable ride.

At Sarkis Motors, our technicians are capable of diagnosing whatever the problem you have with your air conditioning system and fix it in nearly no-time, Remember a comfort driving experience requires your airconditioning system to work just right.

Air Conditioning Service

even though the air conditioning system is crucial for the comfort of the driver and passengers, but the only purpose of this system is not providing comfort. In certain weather conditions, you need your air conditioning system to provide you a clean windshield to prevent you from getting into a dangerous driving situation. The vehicle air conditioning and heating system can help remove the fog by defogging/demisting the windshield and windows.

AC Condensers & Evaporators

The condenser is an aluminum-finned heat exchanger that looks very much like your car’s radiator. Still, instead of releasing thermal energy from the cooling fins into the atmosphere to cool down a liquid, the condenser- works to cool down and condense the vaporized refrigerant pumped in from the compressor. The condenser is a crucial part of your vehicle’s air conditioning system because its the part that helps to liquefy the heated vapor that passes through the compressor and keeps your air condition and more importantly your car running,

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