Whether you need preventative auto maintenance or emergency repair work, Sarkis Motors can provide a range of services as listed below

  • Auto Tune Up Service
  • Car Diagnostic Test
  • Car Maintenance Schedule
  • Car Engine Repair
  • Car Electrical System
  • Fuel Pump Replacement
  • Headlight Replacement
  • Power Window Repair
  • Timing Belts & Chains
  • Serpentine Belt Replacement
  • Transmission Repair Service
  • Windshield Wipers

Auto Tune Up Service

An Auto tune-up is a service including the replacement of some parts to bring the fuel and ignition systems up to spec for the highest possible engine efficiency and performance. A traditional tune-up hasn’t been needed or available for years now. These days, tune-up services consist of new cabin air filters and spark plugs replacement. Just like checking tire pressure or getting an oil change, today’s tune-up services are a part of your vehicle’s maintenance schedule and they’re more like checkups for your car.

Car Diagnostic Test

Car diagnostic tools instantly and meticulously show the problem areas in a car’s engine, transmission, or any other place, thanks to built-in processors, sensors, and microchips. These tests can reveal problems within a car’s brakes, exhaust system, transmission, engine, and other major components, as well as performance issues with the throttle, ignition coils, airflow and coolant, and the fuel injector.

Car Maintenance Schedule

Keeping your car at its best condition getting in the habit of conducting regular vehicle maintenance takes a small amount of effort but you’ll avoid potentially costly breakdowns. one of the most important hurdles is knowing what needs to be done and how often it has to be done for the optimal vehicle upkeep. By knowing what your car needs and when you need to have a routine car checkup, you’ll ensure that your car is in its best condition.

Car Engine Repair

With no engine, your car is getting nowhere fast, hence it is crucial for an engine to have routine repairs and maintenance so as to keep your engine at its maximum performance and efficiency. Our trained technicians at Sarkis Motors can help you with every engine troubleshooting and repair needs.

Car Electrical System

The electrical system in your car is a complicated network that needs a specialized diagnostics tool for thorough servicing. It is the fundamental system to a vehicle’s proper operation to an array of parts consisting of battery, starter, and alternator. Every vehicle’s electrical system is different based on its model, make, and age. Newer cars have complex systems that interacts with vehicle functions including steering, brakes, sensors, and more. To troubleshoot these components often requires advanced diagnostic tools.

Fuel Pump Replacement

Our trained technicians make sure that your car’s electrical connectors, filters, fuel pump relays, and fuel pickups are working properly before replacing the fuel pump. If the pump is faulty indeed, we will remove and replace it. Our technicians will also inspect the vehicle for any problems with leakage, run a basic safety inspection, and make sure the check engine light codes are cleared.

Headlight Replacement

Whenever you feel like you are having difficulties seeing the road at night or your headlights stop working, you must have a technician completely inspect your headlights. We can explain the reason for the dimmed light and let you know if any repairs will be needed to get your vehicle back to safe operating conditions. If it is not just a simple bulb replacement we can replace or restore your headlights at that time.

Power Window Repair

With the technology improving, just touching a button is what you need to do to open or close a window in your vehicle. when a power component in your car fails, your windows may stay opened or closed, no matter how many times you press that button. Luckily you can get a technician to diagnose and fix it right away.

Timing Belts & Chains

Faulty timing belts and chains can easily and immediately be diagnosed and confirmed by technicians before proceeding with the replacement. In the process of diagnosis, any other problems that contribute to the symptoms you detailed during the consolation, could be identified. Technicians precisely time your engine to make the expected power and protect the internals.

Serpentine Belt Replacement

If the vehicle’s serpentine belt is left unchanged for too long, you may end up with an expensive auto repair that could have been avoided easily. Regular maintenance checks and routine care will always save your money in the long term.

Transmission Repair Service

A car’s transmission is an important piece of technology that is necessary for its overall performance. No matter if it is manual or automatic, the transmission system uses gears and gear trains to provide speed and torque conversions, which delivers the power from the engine to the wheels. When this section does not operate as designed, the vehicle generates clunking or humming noises, suffers reduced fuel efficiency, produces a burning smell, and often loses power.

Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers work to ensure the driver’s ability to see while driving through snow, rain, and dust. The wipers utilize an advanced edge to move all the moisture and debris off the windshield at a constant rate. The wipers also clean the windshield after it is sprayed with washer fluid.

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