Reasons for Dead Car Battery

The main reason why your car battery might die is because of an electrical failure. Usually leaving the lights, the radio, or the air conditioning on when you last turned off the car, it drains the battery of its energy. Other than that, if you don’t use your car for a long period of time because you’re keeping it in garage, the battery might die soon or later. Maintenance and cleaning the car battery is another necessity that many car owners forget about it therefore, corrosion and dirt can cause problems and impact the battery’s ability to function. Battery dying is not always the car owner’s fault, often battery dies because of the more natural reasons like a long period of freezing air temperature. No matter what has caused the problem, a Dynamic Sarkis Motors technician can be there as soon as you let them know to handle your Dead battery problem.

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What You Need To Do

To avoid facing this problem in the future, you can do your part to keep your car battery operating as it should. Make sure you never leave any of the electrical parts running (especially the lights!) when you turn off your vehicle. Check the battery regularly to see if the terminals have sulfate (a white substance caused by lead discharge from the battery) caking on them, and if so, clean it off with baking soda and water. Also when it gets cold just park your car inside the garage or cover it to be less in contact with the cold weather outside.

Replacement Service

When there’s a need for a dead car battery replacement, here’s how our technicians will help. They can provide a jump start to see if it just needs a charge. If they get it up and running, they will test it to see if it is in working condition or if there is some drain on the battery life that causes it to die habitually. Also, they will check the voltage between the battery terminals and the sulfuric acid concentration, and if reading is low, they will replace the battery. Finally, with the extensive training, licensure, and experience they’ve gained from countless other times replacing dead car batteries in Orange County, our technicians will make the job go as quickly and smoothly as possible. Your car will be fully functioning in no time with Dynamic Towing professional service.

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