Not always when there is a problem, you know what is going and where the source of the problem is. Sometimes there are minor problems that first you have to diagnose and see where the problem occurs. Such problems might not need much to deal with them, but with dealing with them on time and in the right way, you will get rid of the issue.

At Sarkis, our certified technicians diagnose your car and find out any problem it has in no-time and fix it. Don’t bother yourself, and don’t make your hands sticky with oil, trying to diagnose the problem all by yourself. Some of our Miscellaneous services are :

  • Fuel Injector Cleaning

  • Water pump & Repair service

  • Radiator Repair & Service

  • Chrome Accessories

Fuel Injector Cleaning

The fuel injector of the car should be cleaned, and the filters should work correctly. Otherwise, debris and dirt will enter your engine along with the fuel and cause damage to your engine and car. By cleaning the injector, our mechanics ensure your vehicle will run smoothly and no harms threaten your engine.

Water Pump Repair & Service

The water pump part in a car is responsible for pumping the coolant and water to the engine continuously. Despite being built to last but water pumps also sometimes break or run into trouble and need maintenance. If you are experiencing engine overheating or such problems, it can be from the water pump; At Sarkis, we can either repair your pump if it is repairable or replace it and make it work like the very first day.

Radiator Repair & Service

The radiator is a crucial part of the car, especially if you are still driving an old car; it is one of the parts of your vehicle that you always have to keep an eye on it. You can check the coolant levels and fluid quality yourself. Still, you should remember never to open the radiator cap when the engine is running or just stopped running, keep in mind lots of pressure is built up in the radiator and opening the lid can release that pressure and be severely dangerous.

Chrome Accessories Installation

Chrome accessories are genuine cosmetics on vehicles; not everywhere can do that for you at a fair price and make it look clean and pleasant. Best quality work on custom chrome accessories installed on your car is what Sarkis provides you. Give your car a fresh look with our genuine chrome works.

Cold Air Intake Systems

The cold air intake of your car is the breathing system of the car. Cold air intake lets the cat’s engine to suck in the cold air and bring it to the combustion chamber of the ar. Cooler air has more oxygen in it and is denser as well, more oxygen and denser air mean more horsepower. Therefore, you will experience a better ride, and your car’s sustainability is higher. The cold air intake is like amazing medicine that allows your engine to finally breathe.

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