Benefits of Changing Oil on Time


Oil leak hazards

Oil services do not always end up with oil change only, often oil leakage cause trouble for the driver without them even noticing. Here at Sarkis, our mechanics make sure your engine doesn’t leak, and your engine oil is good to keep. Engine oil leaks are a fire risk in your engine compartment and can result in catastrophic engine failure at the worst possible time, not that there is a good time for devastating engine failure, but it’s only a matter of bad and worse.

Oil filters & antifreeze

Oil filters play a crucial role in the safety of your engine. The only things that prevent debris and dirt from entering your engine are the oil filters, and they work well when they are regularly changed and cleaned, be aware than even the smallest objects can end up with massive expenses. Engine damage can occur from particles as little as a grain of salt and result in costly repairs.