Suspension and spring systems of the vehicle are vital for providing a smooth driving experience and keeping the car in control. What suspension does it maximizing the distance between tires and the road to decrease friction and provide better stability and handling for the driver. The suspension system includes shock absorbers, struts, and springs, and each one of them requires maintenance and inspections on a timely basis. Driving with a suspension system that requires maintenance and is not working right can be dangerous since it can harm other parts and systems of the car as well as ruining a smooth driving experience.

At Sarkis Motors, we got all the required inspections and services regarding your vehicle’s suspension system to make sure your car runs smoothly.

Struts & Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers are mechanical devices designed to absorb the kinetic energy when you are driving on a tough road and prevent it from transferring to the body of the vehicle. Hence the car runs smoothly, and the shock from the road is less likely to be felt by the driver. With a well-maintained shock absorber, you can drive on roads that you never thought can be possible, either if you are a truck lover or a sports car fan, we got the right shock absorbers to suit your wills.

Suspension Lowering

If you are driving an exotic car and have the idea of lowering suspension in mind, we can help you with that. Suspension lowering is often done because it provides a better driving experience, limits the likelihood of a rollover, improves aerodynamics, and improves handling. Most of the race cars have a lower suspension to help them out with races, but when lowering suspension is mentioned, you shouldn’t forget about the cons of It. Lowering suspension can also increase bottoming out, Unevenness in the tire wear, and often can conflict with other parts and components of the vehicle.

If you are willing to lower your vehicle’s suspension, Sarkis motors mechanics are ready and trained to do that in the best way. Visit us or let us know by simply contacting us, and we will be there to help you.

Coil Spring Suspension

Coil spring suspension or ( suspension springs) are made with a full gap coil to absorb the shock when driving on rough roads. Springs are used in the suspension system along with struts and shock absorbers all together just to reduce the up and down bounces caused by the Unevenness surface of the road. Coil springs are tools to carry the weight of your vehicle and prevent all the pressure from shifting on the tires. A well-operating coil spring will extend the life of your tires as well as your suspension system with absorbing most of the shock a preventing your tires from interface too much load.

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