Tires & wheels services


Without any exaggeration, you can name tires as one of the most important compartments of your vehicle. Tires should be inspected in many different aspects such as tire pressure, tread depth, balance, and also wheels’ alignment. By maintaining a routine for your vehicle’s tire inspections on a timely basis, you guarantee the safety of you and your passengers, and there is no chance to get a flat tire in the worst possible time as well. Choosing the right tires for your vehicle is just what our mechanics were trained to do, and they will execute it on your car.

Sarkis Motors’ tire and wheel services include:


  • Wheel welding

  • Bent wheel repair

  • Rim straightening

  • Dented wheel repair

  • Curb rash rim repair

  • Wheel polishing

Tire balancing

Often tire balancing service is mistaken with tire alignment service. Tire balancing is done to ensure you get the most extended service life from your tires. As you drive your tires lose balance, tire balance service balances your tires by maintaining the correct weight distribution on tires, your vehicle runs smoother, and it provides you a better driving experience.

When is it time for new tires?

Most of the tires were designed with a tread indicator on them, so when the tire’s tread is worn down you can observe a solid bar of rubber across the width of the tread, but another way to determine whether if its time for a new tire or not is by using a penny. Simply put a penny into the tread groove with Lincoln’s head upside down and facing you, if you can see the top of Lincoln’s head then its time for a new tire.

Tire Repair

If you got a flat tire, your tires are old, or any other reasons that make you want to repair or change your tires here at Sarkis, we got what you need. With a variety of tire brands and types, we meet your requirements and provide you the best tires that can work with your vehicle and give you a pleasant driving experience.

tire Alignment

The porpuse of the Tire alignment service is basically to align the tires that are out of alignment, the reason that tires often get out of alignment can be because of hitting the street bumps too hard, or getting into a minor accident. Tire alignment service is one of the essential services that should be done for any vehicle, and it provides better fuel efficiency, extends the tires life span, and increases the safety of both you and your car.

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