Should I take My Mercedes to an Independent Auto Repair Shop or Dealership?

Choosing between an independent auto repair shop and a Mercedes Benz dealership is not easy. According to Mercedes-Benz USA, approximately 100 percent of owners prefer to maintain their cars through a repair shop approved by the car manufacturer. Indeed, in many cases, they just take their vehicles to the dealerships from which they purchased their cars.

However, when their vehicles become older, they would find it easier to have their automobiles repaired by independent auto body shops or collision centers. Why is this so? In general, Mercedez cars enjoy a warranty coverage of  4 years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. So after the warranty is over, people may take their vehicles to local body shops to save money.

Is Your Local Auto Repair Shop Your Best Choice?

While these centers can fix various vehicles, sometimes it might be a waste of money and time. Some people who can not afford to pay for Mercedes dealership services take their cars to local auto body shops and collision centers because they are everywhere and provide their customers with reasonable prices.

However, these so-called reasonable prices come at a cost themselves. As is usually the case, Local auto body shops prefer not to apply genuine parts of Mercedes-Benz to reduce their expenses. Moreover, their services may result in some mistakes that only specialists can discover. So, is there a third choice that provides the Mercedez owner with the same quality service that he gets from a dealership at a lower rate? Of course, there is.

Certified Mercedes auto body shops and collision centers. will provide you high-quality service at the level of Mercedes Dealerships. Moreover, they don’t have to charge higher prices to cover their technicians’ high salaries.

Dealership Auto Repair Shop Vs. Mercedes-Certified Auto Repair Shop 

To have a fair comparison, let’s first look at the advantages and disadvantages of taking your car to a dealership auto repair shop in more detail.

Benefits of Taking Your Mercedes to a Dealership Auto Repair Shop

Taking your car to a dealership is not all about Mercedes’s original parts. Just as important, technicians at dealerships are trained to deal with Mercedes in particular. So, by taking your car there, you ensure that the vehicles repaired will survive for a longer time and will have more longevity and safety while traveling. Sounds very good. Right?

Drawbacks of Taking Your Mercedes to a Dealership Auto Repair Shop

In exchange for providing all these benefits, dealerships charge much higher prices than the local auto body shops. Some more, their customer service relations are very poor, which could result in your car staying with them for a longer time than you expected!

Now let’s see how taking your Mercedes to a Mercedes certified Auto repair shop could give you the same benefits above while avoiding disadvantages.

How Mercedes-Certified Auto Repair Shops Outperform Dealerships?

Indeed, both Certified Mercedes auto repair shops and dealerships have a lot to offer when it comes to service quality. However, for some reason, dealerships are forced to charge a higher price.

Same Quality,  Lower Price

Both Mercedes-certified auto repair shops and Mercedes dealership auto body dealerships provide your car with original parts, and their equipment is mainly made to deal with Mercedez. Besides, both shops’ technicians have passed the advanced courses offered by Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA). So if it is all the same, why are you charged much higher in a dealership?

The answer is that when you get your vehicle repaired there, you don’t just pay for the quality repair job! Indeed, you pay for the fancy building, nice waiting room, and retail location! Yes, you read it right. Your bill amount covers such overhead cost; even if it means just a small part of it, this is never the case for a Mercedes-certified auto body.


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