Van Auto Body Repair


Cargo vans are very powerful vehicles. You need an experienced mechanic to handle this type of repair, as well as a shop with a large enough facility. Some of the popular large van models we regularly work on include:
☑Mercedes-Benz Sprinters
☑Ford Econoline
☑Nissan NV
☑Ford Transits
No matter what’s the brand of your truck, we can help with quality and certified auto body repair. We’re equipped to repair large, dual axle vehicles like Ford F-450. This is also true for aluminum body trucks as we maintain a separate area for aluminum body repair in Sarkis Motors facility. Aluminum body trucks should always be repaired in a quarantined facility. Otherwise, steel from other models could contaminate the aluminum. Your truck will look brand new by the time you get it back from Sarkis Motors.

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